Feb18 . : . playlist

We got you some fun February jam in anticipation of spring

Rapa pa pai, rapa pa pai ♪♪



Zacari .:. Redemption

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Sawadikap. Khao soi?

There was something alluring about Chiang Mai. Was it the small town feel? The mountains? The people and their sincere friendliness? Was it their cuisine? The northern charm is vastly different from Bangkok.

It was a very last minute unplanned trip. The weather wasn’t ideal, where there was rain and mist during the three days we were there. But it added to the beauty of Chiang Mai, a tranquil town surrounded by mountains and rice fields.


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Bangkok: Turn Down for Wat


Cha Yen, Som Tum, Roadside Snacks, Hot Weather, Massages, Wats . . .


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July Playlist

Freal Luv

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June Playlist

Now both of us have gotten lazy and just posting links. Forget the blabber and get straight to the tunes. Enjoy~

Marathon Edits – Black Moon
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Kaleidoscopes are fascinating. They are usually colorful and vibrant. But it’s the shapes and lines that attract me to them. The reflections of an image are infinite and keep me mesmerized at the different variations. I never get bored. I would try to figure out what I am looking at, try to find a familiar pattern or vision.

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April Playlist

[ SUM ]

“These stormy weathers, Got me thinking of how I want it to be”

Curated top 5 songs from my April playlist. Enjoy~


Bambro Koyo GandaBonobo

Bonobo’s new album, Migration, is fantastic and is a musical journey. This song featuring New York based Morrocan band Innov Gnawa is probably my favourite. I am digging the infusion of North African groove. He is currently on tour and the show was amazing as expected. The album also features artists like Rhye and Nick Murphy (previously known as Chet Faker).

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