By the numbers: Info, graphics, human, data

Around this time last year, the UNDP’s (United Nations Development Programme) youth council approached AOD (Academy of Design), to contribute a piece of live art to their yearly development pannel/conference. Their brief was open, their only request being that the piece be a direct response to the content and discussion that would take place in the conference.

We thought it sounded like an excellent plan and, fascinated as always with the idea of art and design baring witness and starting conversation, we decided to create a “live information graphics” piece. It was inspired by a mix of live painting, life drawing and the subjective objectivity of collecting information about people.


Students were given a restricted set of colours and materials to work with – each bit corresponding to an item in the legend that accompanied the final graphics.


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Kaleidoscopes are fascinating. They are usually colorful and vibrant. But it’s the shapes and lines that attract me to them. The reflections of an image are infinite and keep me mesmerized at the different variations. I never get bored. I would try to figure out what I am looking at, try to find a familiar pattern or vision.

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April Playlist

[ SUM ]

“These stormy weathers, Got me thinking of how I want it to be”

Curated top 5 songs from my April playlist. Enjoy~


Bambro Koyo GandaBonobo

Bonobo’s new album, Migration, is fantastic and is a musical journey. This song featuring New York based Morrocan band Innov Gnawa is probably my favourite. I am digging the infusion of North African groove. He is currently on tour and the show was amazing as expected. The album also features artists like Rhye and Nick Murphy (previously known as Chet Faker).

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